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Fees & Rates

Our fees are simple, fair, and transparent. We value long-term business relationships and our professional services offer great value to any small business or taxpayer with tax problems. Our approach is simple and designed to give you peace of mind.

Our Flat Rates

  • Consulting Appointment $125 per session (limited to 1-hr)
  • Professional Education $30 per course hour
  • Executive Coaching $48 per week

Business Incorporation


Starting a new business can be daunting. We can help you file the right paperwork to get started.

What’s included:

State Corporation Commission Registration

Corporate Certificate

Corporate By-Laws

IRS Employer Identification Number-EIN

IRS Application for Exemption Status (IRS Fee $275)

Bank Account Setup (minimum deposit $100)

Online Payment Page

Solo 401K Plan Package


Are you self-employed, a single-member LLC, or a single shareholder-employee? Maximize your tax deduction and investment options.

What’s included:

Corporate Resolution

Define Contribution Plan

Adoption & Trust Agreement

Summary Plan Description

401K Plan Document Summary

IRS EIN Application Letter

Bank Account Set-up (minimum deposit $1,000)

Business Trust Package


Are you a business owner and concerned about your estate tax planning? Have you considered opening a business trust? We can help you file the minimum paperwork required to set up a Virginia Business Trust.

What’s included:

Business Trust Certificate

Declaration of Trust

Business Trust Agreement

Initial Asset List (Schedule A)

IRS EIN Application Letter

Bank Account Trust Setup (minimum deposit of $1,500)